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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer days in the neighborhood

SORRY, all you faithful readers, but I have not been as successful this time in telling my stories and at the same time, providing another perspective. The statistics that are provided to us when we blog, show that fewer and fewer of you are finding what you want on these pages. So I see no reason to take up your time and my time. We could both be out sailing!! Thanks for giving it a try. 


It’s too bad for you if you missed last week at Port Gamble. Let me first show you a few things from that mellow week, then I’ll let you see what you might come for this week.

I haven’t written much about the new playground, but I sure should have. The former (now gone) playground was tucked behind the Quilt Store. It was adequate, a little hard to find because of being tucked so well behind a big building, it was showing a little rot in places, easy to see since the water table was somewhere above the grass line.

But Tom had made it clear that the unit had to go, and so it went. But what a replacement! My 7 year old granddaughters were in tears when they came to visit, only to find the first  one gone with no replacement in sight, but with each stop to see Kris and I, they would run to the familiar spot, gaze at the excitement of what lies ahead, and come running back to the quilt store with a new report, but the familiar ending, “When is it going to be finished?”

Excited mom and Dad - nervous toddler (first time down a slide!)

Successful first launch - toddler will go again, and again and again.

It IS finished and you would think 95% worn out given all the traffic that goes through it.  I’m also happy to report that the “big kids” have pretty well stayed away, which is probably a result of having a lot of little kids and a lot of adults around. After all, what big kid wants to spend time around little kids or adults? After all, someone might see them …

I didn’t get many photos of either of the singing groups last week, and it was VERY difficult to get photos of crowds watching them. “Rain, rain go away…..” In most cases the drizzle was trying to stop, but couldn’t quite do it completely.

“Music” I started to say. Small crowd for the Maritime Music Festival, but they had some great groups.

The same went for the Soul Siren, the next to last of the Alive After 5 FREE concerts, a popular round of free treats in the  summer.  The weather improved as time went along and once again this concert series was a success.

A small group there, too. Something about the threat of rain that hampers a car show. I will admit I have not made it t too many of the local shows, but I will be back! The guys who came obviously had what they consider to be “drivers” (cars that don’t melt in the rain). There’s a nice mixture of cars … new paint jobs to complete restorations. And the local group is fun because you never know what kind of cars are going to be there or how they might have been changed to make them more "impressive."

Dice (of any size) say "50's" no matter what the year of the car. In fact, more often than not, dice say "70's" about the owner of the car.

And this is what I mean by "sparkling" chrome.

And I love those small pieces of chrome that give me a challenge of trying to hide myself and my camera.

They come every Thursday, including tonight, at 5 pm, next to Mike’s BBQ until the end of September.